What's in my (knitting) bag

Today's knitting and crochet blog week topic is all about tools! I try to keep my toolkit quite small so it can be transported pretty easily, but here's a peek at what I reach for most often:


I'll tackle this clockwise from top left:

  • Tool pouch: Like basically every knitter on the planet, I got this small pouch from Bookhou a few years back. It's the perfect size for most of my little things and can easily accompany me to my knit groups.
  • Project bag: I do have about a million project bags floating around my house (most of which are busy holding the ungodly number of WIPs I've got going on). I made this guy from some canvas I ordered from Spoonflower way back. The outer print is by my perpetual favourite artist Olivia Mew and, though you can't see it here, it's lined with some Charley Harper branches.
  • Scissors: Basic bonsai scissors I got from ebay.
  • Cable needle: I don't often use cable needles, but I picked this up after fussing around with Timberline. I do my twists without a needle for the most part, but this dude is handy for fixing inevitable mistakes. 
  •  Repair hook: This wee little crochet hook was gifted to me ages ago, and while it's not a tool I would ever have bought for myself, there's something delightful about fixing dropped stitches with a rosewood hook. This particular one comes from Lantern Moon.  
  • Needle gauge/ruler: Every knitter needs a ruler, obviously. This one comes from Tolt and is basically the best thing. (I have at least 2 other needle gauges floating around my house, but I also feel the need to draw attention to this gem from Fancy Tiger Crafts. One day, it will be mine!)
  • Tape Measure: Another case where things are better when they are shaped like animals.. this one is from Lantern Moon. My cats remain convinced that this is a toy and if often shows up in strange places around my house. 
  • Tool tin: This is where I keep my stitch markers, needles, and other miscellaneous bits.

The one thing that I failed to photograph is my Namaste Circular Needle case.  I used to store all my needles in a binder (using clear sleeves for each size) but this solution is much more elegant. I still need to get in the habit of promptly returning needles to their house when I'm done with them, but this little case serves me quite well. 

See you tomorrow for something different! (Now I have to figure out what that 'something different' may be.. )

About Me

Today's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week topic is to talk about ourselves! Since I don't really know what to say, here are some random factoids:

  1. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. While I don't miss the bitter cold, I still think Alberta is one of the greatest places in the world to live. What I wouldn't give to drive a couple hours and be in the mountains or see my dear prairie-based friends. 
  2. My favourite colour is green. More specifically, my favourite green is 'Stella green' aka the same green of my cat's eyes. (Thankfully Malabrigo is already on it, and made Mostatza probably just for me)
  3. I played soccer and basketball pretty seriously during my teenage years, and was lucky enough to travel to Europe twice to play during High School. Now I am a lazy slob, but I've committed to running a 10k race in September so I had better get on it.
  4. My favourite food is pizza, and I will forever wax nostalgic about the pizza I ate every Tuesday while I was studying in Italy. Ordering a pizza remains basically the only thing I can say out loud in Italian. 
  5. I have huge aspirations about sewing a (mostly) handmade wardrobe, but I still don't love sewing. The prepwork drives me bonkers, and it doesn't help that my cat has an affinity for destroying pattern paper.
  6. I'm almost finished my Master's an Anthropology and have written my thesis about an archaeozoological assemblage. So, if you have any questions about animal bones or foraging theory, I'm your girl. 
  7. I have come to love horror movies.
  8. My first cat (Mr. Monty Burns) came from a brewery in Peterborough. My other cat (Stella) was named for the beer (as her brother was Heineken).
  9. Though it's a knitterly cliché, I really want to go to Iceland. I hope this will be one of my next trips!
  10. I love listening to podcasts while I drive or walk. Current favourites include the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, In Our Time, and Pomcast. 

See you tomorrow for day 3!

If I Were A Yarn

For the first year in many, I'm participating in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week! Without further ado, today's prompt asks If you were a type or brand of yarn, which would you be? 


For starters, I would be a wool or wool blend. I'm not entirely sure what that blend would be, but possibly alpaca. Though it is a classic Canadian stereotype to be constantly fussing about the weather, my acceptable range of temperatures really is quite narrow. During the summer I am always too hot, and during the winter I am often too cold. (Between October and April, you can basically find me curled up under a woolly blanket clutching a hot water bottle and at least one cat) Since I live in the land of seemingly constant winter and focus my knitterly activities to keeping warm, if I were a yarn I would have to be something warm to accommodate the long winter months. I would also be a worsted weight, because I like to think I am quite versatile and I think this weight easily produces a wide range of fabrics to suit lots of different situations. 

After all that, I guess the yarn I would be turns out to be Ultra Alpaca. I'm fully OK with this; after all I currently have two sweater quantities sitting in my stash waiting to be turned into something great. It's a great workhorse yarn, and maybe that does describe me quite well. I'm not a super flashy person and I like to keep things simple wherever possible. 

See you tomorrow!

A new space!

I've been putting off writing this for at least two weeks, but here is my new site! This year is a big one for me, as I'll be finishing my MA and, with any luck, will start being a real adult. What better time for a new website? I'm not migrating my old blog archives over here because 1) I am too lazy to figure that out and my pictures were all formatted to fit my blogspot template and 2) the idea of a fresh blog start sounds pretty appealing to me. 

Since I haven't done any blogging in a good 6 months, I have lots of ideas about things to talk about. I know it's of no surprise, but I have also knit a lot of things that have gone undocumented, and that needs to stop. 

So, here's to new beginnings!