If I Were A Yarn

For the first year in many, I'm participating in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week! Without further ado, today's prompt asks If you were a type or brand of yarn, which would you be? 


For starters, I would be a wool or wool blend. I'm not entirely sure what that blend would be, but possibly alpaca. Though it is a classic Canadian stereotype to be constantly fussing about the weather, my acceptable range of temperatures really is quite narrow. During the summer I am always too hot, and during the winter I am often too cold. (Between October and April, you can basically find me curled up under a woolly blanket clutching a hot water bottle and at least one cat) Since I live in the land of seemingly constant winter and focus my knitterly activities to keeping warm, if I were a yarn I would have to be something warm to accommodate the long winter months. I would also be a worsted weight, because I like to think I am quite versatile and I think this weight easily produces a wide range of fabrics to suit lots of different situations. 

After all that, I guess the yarn I would be turns out to be Ultra Alpaca. I'm fully OK with this; after all I currently have two sweater quantities sitting in my stash waiting to be turned into something great. It's a great workhorse yarn, and maybe that does describe me quite well. I'm not a super flashy person and I like to keep things simple wherever possible. 

See you tomorrow!