About Me

Today's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week topic is to talk about ourselves! Since I don't really know what to say, here are some random factoids:

  1. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. While I don't miss the bitter cold, I still think Alberta is one of the greatest places in the world to live. What I wouldn't give to drive a couple hours and be in the mountains or see my dear prairie-based friends. 
  2. My favourite colour is green. More specifically, my favourite green is 'Stella green' aka the same green of my cat's eyes. (Thankfully Malabrigo is already on it, and made Mostatza probably just for me)
  3. I played soccer and basketball pretty seriously during my teenage years, and was lucky enough to travel to Europe twice to play during High School. Now I am a lazy slob, but I've committed to running a 10k race in September so I had better get on it.
  4. My favourite food is pizza, and I will forever wax nostalgic about the pizza I ate every Tuesday while I was studying in Italy. Ordering a pizza remains basically the only thing I can say out loud in Italian. 
  5. I have huge aspirations about sewing a (mostly) handmade wardrobe, but I still don't love sewing. The prepwork drives me bonkers, and it doesn't help that my cat has an affinity for destroying pattern paper.
  6. I'm almost finished my Master's an Anthropology and have written my thesis about an archaeozoological assemblage. So, if you have any questions about animal bones or foraging theory, I'm your girl. 
  7. I have come to love horror movies.
  8. My first cat (Mr. Monty Burns) came from a brewery in Peterborough. My other cat (Stella) was named for the beer (as her brother was Heineken).
  9. Though it's a knitterly cliché, I really want to go to Iceland. I hope this will be one of my next trips!
  10. I love listening to podcasts while I drive or walk. Current favourites include the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, In Our Time, and Pomcast. 

See you tomorrow for day 3!