What's in my (knitting) bag

Today's knitting and crochet blog week topic is all about tools! I try to keep my toolkit quite small so it can be transported pretty easily, but here's a peek at what I reach for most often:


I'll tackle this clockwise from top left:

  • Tool pouch: Like basically every knitter on the planet, I got this small pouch from Bookhou a few years back. It's the perfect size for most of my little things and can easily accompany me to my knit groups.
  • Project bag: I do have about a million project bags floating around my house (most of which are busy holding the ungodly number of WIPs I've got going on). I made this guy from some canvas I ordered from Spoonflower way back. The outer print is by my perpetual favourite artist Olivia Mew and, though you can't see it here, it's lined with some Charley Harper branches.
  • Scissors: Basic bonsai scissors I got from ebay.
  • Cable needle: I don't often use cable needles, but I picked this up after fussing around with Timberline. I do my twists without a needle for the most part, but this dude is handy for fixing inevitable mistakes. 
  •  Repair hook: This wee little crochet hook was gifted to me ages ago, and while it's not a tool I would ever have bought for myself, there's something delightful about fixing dropped stitches with a rosewood hook. This particular one comes from Lantern Moon.  
  • Needle gauge/ruler: Every knitter needs a ruler, obviously. This one comes from Tolt and is basically the best thing. (I have at least 2 other needle gauges floating around my house, but I also feel the need to draw attention to this gem from Fancy Tiger Crafts. One day, it will be mine!)
  • Tape Measure: Another case where things are better when they are shaped like animals.. this one is from Lantern Moon. My cats remain convinced that this is a toy and if often shows up in strange places around my house. 
  • Tool tin: This is where I keep my stitch markers, needles, and other miscellaneous bits.

The one thing that I failed to photograph is my Namaste Circular Needle case.  I used to store all my needles in a binder (using clear sleeves for each size) but this solution is much more elegant. I still need to get in the habit of promptly returning needles to their house when I'm done with them, but this little case serves me quite well. 

See you tomorrow for something different! (Now I have to figure out what that 'something different' may be.. )