In which I knit a mostly-black lopapeysa in the heat of summer

Back in October, when James and I booked tickets to Iceland (!!), my first priority obviously fell to picking the perfect sweater. Given that our trip is in the summer, and I didn't want to do a full classic chunky lopapeysa, Ysolda's Strokkur came out on top. After all, this has been in my library and queue for at least a year or two at this point!

(On the left, picture from  Ysolda , on the right from  Tolt )

(On the left, picture from Ysolda, on the right from Tolt)

When I was putting together some colour combos, I just couldn't get a light/dark/glacier blue out of my head, owing completely to the stunning Moon Pulls sweater and Moon Sprites hat by Dianna Walla. (There is a reason so many of the Moon Pulls projects are in the original colourway. Perfection!) When it came time to pick up yarn, however, charcoal was backordered at the supplier and I wound up with true black as a main colour, with white and glacier blue as contrasts. Conveniently, someone on Ravelry has already done this combo and I'm confident it will look great!

So here I am, 14 days until we go, and I have exactly 1 body knit, with a very real possibility of running short of yarn. Not to mention that it is currently a million degrees and knitting with lopi (much less black lopi) is a very poor life choice. Who would have thought a pile of black wool on your lap would be uncomfortable when it is 26C in your house? Not past me, I guess. 

With that, I'm going to pour myself a fresh cider and get back to it! (Also, if you have been to Iceland recently and have any tips, favourite spots in Reykjavik or along the south coast, let me know! It would be greatly appreciated!)